BasicDesignerLoader.ReloadOptions 列舉


定義 Reload(BasicDesignerLoader+ReloadOptions) 方法的行為。Defines the behavior of the Reload(BasicDesignerLoader+ReloadOptions) method. 這些旗標可以使用位元 OR 運算子加以組合。These flags can be combined using the bitwise OR operator.

此列舉具有 FlagsAttribute 個屬性允許以位元方式合併其成員值。

protected: enum class BasicDesignerLoader::ReloadOptions
protected enum BasicDesignerLoader.ReloadOptions
Protected Enum BasicDesignerLoader.ReloadOptions


Default 0

設計工具載入器會在重新載入之前清除變更,但它不會強制重新載入,如果發生載入錯誤,它也不會將 Modified 屬性設為 trueThe designer loader flushes changes before reloading, but it does not force a reload, and it also does not set the Modified property to true if load errors occur.

Force 2

設計工具載入器強制發生重新載入。The designer loader forces the reload to occur. 通常,只在 IsReloadNeeded() 方法傳回 true 時,才會發生重新載入。Normally, a reload occurs only if the IsReloadNeeded() method returns true. 這個旗標會略過對此方法的呼叫,並永遠執行重新載入。This flag bypasses calling this method and always performs the reload.

ModifyOnError 1

如果發生載入錯誤,設計工具載入器會將 Modified 屬性設為 trueThe designer loader will set the Modified property to true if load errors occur. 如果您要清除載入器,以覆寫發生錯誤的持續狀態,這個旗標便很有用。This flag is useful if you want a flush of the loader to overwrite persistent state that had errors.

NoFlush 4

設計工具載入器會在重新載入之前放棄任何變更。The designer loader abandons any changes before reloading.