ListChangedType 列舉


指定清單變更的方式。Specifies how the list changed.

public enum class ListChangedType
public enum ListChangedType
type ListChangedType = 
Public Enum ListChangedType


ItemAdded 1

加入至清單的項目。An item added to the list. NewIndex 包含加入項目的索引。NewIndex contains the index of the item that was added.

ItemChanged 4

在清單中變更的項目。An item changed in the list. NewIndex 包含變更項目的索引。NewIndex contains the index of the item that was changed.

ItemDeleted 2

從清單中刪除的項目。An item deleted from the list. NewIndex 包含刪除項目的索引。NewIndex contains the index of the item that was deleted.

ItemMoved 3

在清單中移動的項目。An item moved within the list. OldIndex 包含先前的項目索引,而 NewIndex 包含新的項目索引。OldIndex contains the previous index for the item, whereas NewIndex contains the new index for the item.

PropertyDescriptorAdded 5

已加入 PropertyDescriptor,其變更結構描述 (Schema)。A PropertyDescriptor was added, which changed the schema.

PropertyDescriptorChanged 7

已變更 PropertyDescriptor,其變更結構描述。A PropertyDescriptor was changed, which changed the schema.

PropertyDescriptorDeleted 6

已刪除 PropertyDescriptor,其變更結構描述。A PropertyDescriptor was deleted, which changed the schema.

Reset 0

大部分的清單已變更。Much of the list has changed. 任何接聽的控制項都應該從清單中重新整理它們的所有資料。Any listening controls should refresh all their data from the list.


如需使用此類別的範例,請參閱處理 DataView 事件For an example of using this class, see Handling DataView Events.


ListChangedEventArgs 類別的 ListChangedType 屬性用來指出 IBindingList 物件變更的方式。Used by the ListChangedType property of the ListChangedEventArgs class to indicate the way an IBindingList object changes.