Configuration.TypeStringTransformer 屬性


指定用來在組態檔中轉換型別字串的函式委派。Specifies a function delegate that is used to transform type strings in configuration files.

 property Func<System::String ^, System::String ^> ^ TypeStringTransformer { Func<System::String ^, System::String ^> ^ get(); void set(Func<System::String ^, System::String ^> ^ value); };
public Func<string,string> TypeStringTransformer { get; set; }
member this.TypeStringTransformer : Func<string, string> with get, set
Public Property TypeStringTransformer As Func(Of String, String)


轉換型別字串的委派。A delegate that transforms type strings. 預設值為 nullThe default value is null.


這個屬性可讓 .NET Framework 設定系統的取用者設定函式委派,用來轉換在設定檔案中找到的類型字串。This property enables a consumer of the .NET Framework configuration system to set a function delegate that is used to transform type strings found in configuration files. Visual Studio 2010Visual Studio 2010當專案的目標為舊版的 .NET Framework 時,會使用這個屬性。uses this property when a project is targeted for an earlier version of the .NET Framework. 當更新設定檔時,此函式可確保針對 .NET Framework 的目標版本,將類型字串正確格式化。The function makes sure that type strings are formatted correctly for the targeted version of the .NET Framework when configuration files are updated.