ConflictOption 列舉


指定資料來源的變更衝突將如何偵測及解決。Specifies how conflicting changes to the data source will be detected and resolved.

public enum class ConflictOption
public enum ConflictOption
type ConflictOption = 
Public Enum ConflictOption


CompareAllSearchableValues 1

更新及刪除陳述式將包括 WHERE 子句的資料表中所有可搜尋的資料行。Update and delete statements will include all searchable columns from the table in the WHERE clause. 這相當於指定 CompareAllValuesUpdate | CompareAllValuesDeleteThis is equivalent to specifying CompareAllValuesUpdate | CompareAllValuesDelete.

CompareRowVersion 2

如果資料表中有任何時間戳記資料行,它們是用在所有已產生之更新陳述式的 WHERE 子句中。If any Timestamp columns exist in the table, they are used in the WHERE clause for all generated update statements. 這相當於指定 CompareRowVersionUpdate | CompareRowVersionDeleteThis is equivalent to specifying CompareRowVersionUpdate | CompareRowVersionDelete.

OverwriteChanges 3

所有更新和刪除陳述式在 WHERE 子句中都只包含 PrimaryKey 資料行。All update and delete statements include only PrimaryKey columns in the WHERE clause. 如果沒有定義 PrimaryKey,則將可搜尋的資料行包含在 WHERE 子句中。If no PrimaryKey is defined, all searchable columns are included in the WHERE clause. 這相當於 OverwriteChangesUpdate | OverwriteChangesDeleteThis is equivalent to OverwriteChangesUpdate | OverwriteChangesDelete.