SqlBytes.Buffer Property


傳回內部緩衝區的參考。Returns a reference to the internal buffer.

 property cli::array <System::Byte> ^ Buffer { cli::array <System::Byte> ^ get(); };
public byte[] Buffer { get; }
member this.Buffer : byte[]
Public ReadOnly Property Buffer As Byte()

Property Value


內部緩衝區的參考。A reference to the internal buffer. 如果是在 Unmanaged 指標上建立的 SqlBytes 執行個體,則會傳回內部緩衝區的 Managed 複本。For SqlBytes instances created on top of unmanaged pointers, it returns a managed copy of the internal buffer.


傳回 null 值的 null 參考 SqlBytesReturns a null reference for null value SqlBytes.

針對 SqlBytes的資料流程包裝實例擲回 InvalidOperationExceptionThrows an InvalidOperationException for stream-wrapped instances of SqlBytes.

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