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指定要由 OleDbRowUpdatedEventArgsOleDbRowUpdatingEventArgsSqlRowUpdatedEventArgsSqlRowUpdatingEventArgs 類別使用的 SQL 查詢型別。Specifies the type of SQL query to be used by the OleDbRowUpdatedEventArgs, OleDbRowUpdatingEventArgs, SqlRowUpdatedEventArgs, or SqlRowUpdatingEventArgs class.

public enum class StatementType
public enum StatementType
type StatementType = 
Public Enum StatementType


Batch 4

SQL 查詢為批次陳述式。A SQL query that is a batch statement.

Delete 3

SQL 查詢為 DELETE 陳述式 (Statement)。An SQL query that is a DELETE statement.

Insert 1

SQL 查詢為 INSERT 陳述式。An SQL query that is an INSERT statement.

Select 0

SQL 查詢為 SELECT 陳述式。An SQL query that is a SELECT statement.

Update 2

SQL 查詢為 UPDATE 陳述式。An SQL query that is an UPDATE statement.