ProcessThread.PriorityBoostEnabled 屬性


取得或設定數值,表示每當執行緒的處理序之主視窗接收到焦點 (Focus) 時,作業系統是否應該暫時提高相關執行緒的優先權。Gets or sets a value indicating whether the operating system should temporarily boost the priority of the associated thread whenever the main window of the thread's process receives the focus.

 property bool PriorityBoostEnabled { bool get(); void set(bool value); };
public bool PriorityBoostEnabled { get; set; }
member this.PriorityBoostEnabled : bool with get, set
Public Property PriorityBoostEnabled As Boolean


若要在使用者與處理序的介面互動時,提高執行緒的優先權,則為 true,否則為 falsetrue to boost the thread's priority when the user interacts with the process's interface; otherwise, false. 預設為 falseThe default is false.


無法擷取優先權提高資訊。The priority boost information could not be retrieved.


無法設定優先權提高資訊。The priority boost information could not be set.

處理序位於遠端電腦上。The process is on a remote computer.


PriorityBoostEnabledtrue時, 系統會在其相關聯進程離開等候狀態時, 暫時提高執行緒的優先順序。When PriorityBoostEnabled is true, the system temporarily boosts the thread's priority whenever its associated process is taken out of the wait state. 此動作可防止其他進程中斷目前線程的處理。This action prevents other processes from interrupting the processing of the current thread. PriorityBoostEnabled設定會影響所有現有的執行緒, 以及後續由進程所建立的任何執行緒。The PriorityBoostEnabled setting affects all existing threads as well as any threads subsequently created by the process. 若要還原正常行為, 請PriorityBoostEnabled將屬性false設定為。To restore normal behavior, set the PriorityBoostEnabled property to false.

PriorityBoostEnabled只有當執行緒在的進程中PriorityClass執行, 且其已設定為其中一個動態優先權列舉值 (NormalHighRealTime) 時, 才會生效。PriorityBoostEnabled has an effect only when the thread is running in a process that has a PriorityClass set to one of the dynamic priority enumeration values (Normal, High, or RealTime).


提高優先順序過高可能會耗盡基本作業系統和網路功能的資源。Boosting the priority too high can drain resources from essential operating system and network functions. 這可能會導致其他作業系統工作發生問題。This could cause problems with other operating system tasks.