TraceEventType TraceEventType TraceEventType TraceEventType Enum


識別引發追蹤的事件型別。Identifies the type of event that has caused the trace.

public enum class TraceEventType
public enum TraceEventType
type TraceEventType = 
Public Enum TraceEventType


Critical Critical Critical Critical 1

嚴重錯誤或應用程式損毀。Fatal error or application crash.

Error Error Error Error 2

可修復錯誤。Recoverable error.

Information Information Information Information 8

告知性訊息。Informational message.

Resume Resume Resume Resume 2048

邏輯作業重新繼續。Resumption of a logical operation.

Start Start Start Start 256

邏輯作業開始。Starting of a logical operation.

Stop Stop Stop Stop 512

邏輯作業停止。Stopping of a logical operation.

Suspend Suspend Suspend Suspend 1024

邏輯作業暫止。Suspension of a logical operation.

Transfer Transfer Transfer Transfer 4096

相互關聯身分識別變更。Changing of correlation identity.

Verbose Verbose Verbose Verbose 16

偵錯追蹤。Debugging trace.

Warning Warning Warning Warning 4

非嚴重問題。Noncritical problem.


TraceEventType用來識別在呼叫TraceSource.TraceEvent方法時造成追蹤的事件。TraceEventType is used to identify the event that caused a trace in calls to the TraceSource.TraceEvent methods.