EventSourceOptions EventSourceOptions EventSourceOptions EventSourceOptions Struct


呼叫 Write<T>(String, EventSourceOptions, T) 方法時,指定預設事件設定 (例如記錄層級、關鍵字和作業碼) 的覆寫。Specifies overrides of default event settings such as the log level, keywords and operation code when the Write<T>(String, EventSourceOptions, T) method is called.

public value class EventSourceOptions
public struct EventSourceOptions
type EventSourceOptions = struct
Public Structure EventSourceOptions


如需 ETW 關鍵字和層級的詳細資訊, 請參閱CLR ETW 關鍵字和層級For more information about ETW keywords and levels, see CLR ETW Keywords and Levels


ActivityOptions ActivityOptions ActivityOptions ActivityOptions

為此事件來源定義的活動選項。The activity options defined for this event source.

Keywords Keywords Keywords Keywords

取得或設定套用至事件的關鍵字。Gets or sets the keywords applied to the event. 如果沒有設定這個屬性,事件的關鍵字會是 NoneIf this property is not set, the event's keywords will be None.

Level Level Level Level

取得或設定套用至事件的事件等級。Gets or sets the event level applied to the event.

Opcode Opcode Opcode Opcode

取得或設定要用於指定事件的作業碼。Gets or sets the operation code to use for the specified event.

Tags Tags Tags Tags

為此事件來源定義的事件標記。The event tags defined for this event source.