DirectoryEntry.Children DirectoryEntry.Children DirectoryEntry.Children DirectoryEntry.Children Property


取得 Active Directory 網域服務階層架構中這個節點的子項目。Gets the child entries of this node in the Active Directory Domain Services hierarchy.

 property System::DirectoryServices::DirectoryEntries ^ Children { System::DirectoryServices::DirectoryEntries ^ get(); };
public System.DirectoryServices.DirectoryEntries Children { get; }
member this.Children : System.DirectoryServices.DirectoryEntries
Public ReadOnly Property Children As DirectoryEntries


DirectoryEntries 物件,其中包含 Active Directory 網域服務階層架構中這個節點的子項目。A DirectoryEntries object containing the child entries of this node in the Active Directory Domain Services hierarchy.


子專案只是此節點的直屬子系。The child entries are only the immediate children of this node.

使用此屬性來尋找、抓取或建立階層中的目錄專案。Use this property to find, retrieve, or create a directory entry in the hierarchy. 這個屬性是一種集合,除了一般的反復專案功能之外,還Add提供一種方法,讓您將節點加入至您目前所系結之父節點正下方的集合中。This property is a collection that, along with the usual iteration capabilities, provides an Add method through which you add a node to the collection directly below the parent node that you are currently bound to. 將節點新增至集合時,您必須指定新節點的名稱,以及要與該節點產生關聯之架構範本的名稱。When adding a node to the collection, you must specify a name for the new node and the name of a schema template that you want to associate with the node. 例如,您可能會想要使用標題為「電腦」的架構,將新電腦新增至階層。For example, you might want to use a schema titled "Computer" to add new computers to the hierarchy.


根據預設,會在本機對快取進行變更。By default, changes are made locally to a cache. 修改或加入節點之後,您必須呼叫CommitChanges方法來認可您的變更,以便將其儲存到樹狀結構中。After you modify or add a node, you must call the CommitChanges method to commit your changes in order for them to be saved to the tree. 如果您在RefreshCache()呼叫CommitChanges之前呼叫,將會遺失對屬性快取的任何未認可變更。If you call RefreshCache() before calling CommitChanges, any uncommitted changes to the property cache will be lost. 如需詳細資訊,請CommitChanges參閱RefreshCache()和方法,以及UsePropertyCache屬性。For more information, see the CommitChanges and RefreshCache() methods, and the UsePropertyCache property.


取得子專案。To retrieve the child entries.