PathPointType 列舉


指定在 GraphicsPath 物件中的點類型。Specifies the type of point in a GraphicsPath object.

public enum class PathPointType
public enum PathPointType
type PathPointType = 
Public Enum PathPointType


Bezier 3

預設的環圈曲線。A default Bézier curve.

Bezier3 3

立體的環圈曲線。A cubic Bézier curve.

CloseSubpath 128

子路徑的結束點。The endpoint of a subpath.

DashMode 16

對應的線段為虛線。The corresponding segment is dashed.

Line 1

線段。A line segment.

PathMarker 32

路徑標記。A path marker.

PathTypeMask 7

遮罩點。A mask point.

Start 0

GraphicsPath 物件的起點。The starting point of a GraphicsPath object.


GraphicsPath 物件中的每個點都有與其相關聯的類型。Each point in a GraphicsPath object has a type associated with it. 類型會決定如何使用點來繪製路徑。The type determines how the point is used to draw the path. 組成圖形的點類型包括起始點、停止點和貝茲曲線點。Point types that make up shapes include start points, stop points, and Bézier curve points. 類型也包含標記,可讓您輕鬆地遍歷路徑或遮罩,以顯示或隱藏點。Types also include markers, which allow easy traversal of a path or a mask to show or hide points. 線條類型和任何貝塞爾類型都可以與 CloseSubpath (藉由使用位運算子 OR)結合,以指出對應的點是圖形中的最後一個點,而且應該關閉該圖形。The Line type and any of the Bezier types can be combined with CloseSubpath (by using the bitwise operator OR) to indicate that the corresponding point is the last point in a figure and that the figure should be closed.