ColorAdjustType 列舉


指定哪個 GDI+ 物件使用色彩調整資訊。Specifies which GDI+ objects use color adjustment information.

public enum class ColorAdjustType
public enum ColorAdjustType
type ColorAdjustType = 
Public Enum ColorAdjustType


Any 6

指定的型別數目。The number of types specified.

Bitmap 1

Bitmap 物件的色彩調整資訊。Color adjustment information for Bitmap objects.

Brush 2

Brush 物件的色彩調整資訊。Color adjustment information for Brush objects.

Count 5

指定的型別數目。The number of types specified.

Default 0

色彩調整資訊,這項資訊是由不具有自己的色彩調整資訊的 GDI+ 物件所使用。Color adjustment information that is used by all GDI+ objects that do not have their own color adjustment information.

Pen 3

Pen 物件的色彩調整資訊。Color adjustment information for Pen objects.

Text 4

文字的色彩調整資訊。Color adjustment information for text.


BitmapBrushPen 物件會使用已在預設 ImageAttributes 物件中設定的任何色彩調整,直到已設定自己的色彩調整為止。Bitmap, Brush, and Pen objects use any color adjustments that have been set in the default ImageAttributes object until their own color adjustments have been set.