WmfPlaceableFileHeader.Inch 屬性


取得或設定每英吋的 Twip 數目。Gets or sets the number of twips per inch.

 property short Inch { short get(); void set(short value); };
public short Inch { get; set; }
member this.Inch : int16 with get, set
Public Property Inch As Short


每英吋的 Twip 數目。The number of twips per inch.


一般來說,每英寸有1440緹;不過,您可以變更此數目來調整影像。Normally, there are 1440 twips per inch; however, this number can be changed to scale the image. 值為720表示影像為其一般大小,或調整為2:1 的因數。A value of 720 indicates that the image is double its normal size, or scaled to a factor of 2:1. 值為360表示調整為4:1。A value of 360 indicates a scale of 4:1. 相反地,值2880表示影像會以兩個因數的大小向下調整。Conversely, a value of 2880 indicates that the image is scaled down in size by a factor of two. 值為1440表示1:1 縮放比例。A value of 1440 indicates a 1:1 scale ratio.