System.IdentityModel.Claims 命名空間

包含類別,其會實作以 Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) 宣告為基礎的身分識別授權模型。 Contains classes that implement the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) claims-based identity authorization model. 這個模型包含Claim類別和ClaimSet類別。 This model includes the Claim class and the ClaimSet class. 從 .NET Framework 4.5 以及 Windows Identity Foundation (WIF) 整合於 .NET Framework 開始,WCF 宣告式識別模型已由 WIF 所取代。 Beginning with .NET Framework 4.5 and the integration of Windows Identity Foundation (WIF) into the .NET Framework, the WCF claims-based identity model has been superseded by WIF. WIF 提供宣告架構的識別物件模型,此模型可以用來提供跨幾個 Microsoft 產品堆疊的驗證和授權,包括 CLR、WCF 和 ASP.NET。 WIF provides a claims-based identity object model that can be used to provide authentication and authorization across several Microsoft product stacks, including the CLR, WCF, and ASP.NET. 代表宣告、宣告型別以及以宣告為基礎的識別和主體的 WIF 類別是包含在System.Security.Claims命名空間中。 The WIF classes that represent claims, claim types, and identities and principals that are based on claims are contained in the System.Security.Claims namespace. 從 .NET 4.5 開始,應使用這些類別,而不使用 System.IdentityModel.Claims 命名空間中的類別。 Beginning with .NET 4.5, these classes should be used instead of those in the System.IdentityModel.Claims namespace.



表示與實體關聯的宣告。Represents a claim that is associated with an entity.


表示與實體相關聯的宣告集合。Represents the collection of claims that are associated with an entity.


代表實體可宣告之宣告的預先定義型別。Represents the pre-defined types of claims that an entity can claim. 此類別無法獲得繼承。This class cannot be inherited.


提供 ClaimSet 類別的預設實作。Provides a default implementation of the ClaimSet class.


定義可以與 Claim 物件相關聯之預先定義的權限型別。Defines the pre-defined types of rights that can be associated with a Claim object.


表示與實體相關聯之 Windows 宣告的集合。Represents a collection of Windows claims that are associated with an entity.


表示宣告集合,這些宣告是從與實體關聯的 X.509 憑證中擷取的。Represents a collection of claims extracted from an X.509 certificate that are associated with an entity.