CookieHandlerMode 列舉


指定所支援的 cookie 處理常式模式。Specifies the cookie handler modes that are supported.

定義 Mode 屬性的可能值。Defines the possible values of the Mode property. 此屬性會定義 CookieHandlerElement物件所設定的 Cookie 處理常式類型。This property defines the kind of cookie handler that a CookieHandlerElement object configures. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱 CookieHandlerElement 類別。For more information, see the CookieHandlerElement class.

public enum class CookieHandlerMode
public enum CookieHandlerMode
type CookieHandlerMode = 
Public Enum CookieHandlerMode


Chunked 1

指定區塊 cookie 處理常式;該 cookie 處理常式為 ChunkedCookieHandler類別的執行個體或衍生自該類別。Specifies a chunked cookie handler; a cookie handler that is an instance of or that derives from the ChunkedCookieHandler class.

Custom 2

指定自訂的 cookie 的處理常式;該自訂 cookie 處理常式衍生自CookieHandler類別。Specifies a custom cookie handler; a custom cookie handler that derives from the CookieHandler class.

Default 0

指定使用預設的 cookie 處理常式類型。Specifies that the default type of cookie handler is used. 如果是 CookieHandlerElement 類別,預設值為區塊 Cookie 處理常式。For the CookieHandlerElement class the default is a chunked cookie handler.