System.IdentityModel.Services 命名空間

System.IdentityModel.Services命名空間主要包含的類別是用於應用程式中,這些應用程式是使用會以 WS-Federation 通訊協定執行聯合驗證的 Windows Identity Foundation (WIF) 所建置。 The System.IdentityModel.Services namespace primarily contains classes that are used in applications built using Windows Identity Foundation (WIF) that perform federated authentication with the WS-Federation protocol. 它包含 HTTP 模組 WSFederationAuthenticationModule (WSFAM) 和 SessionAuthenticationModule (SAM),以及可支援其作業的類別。 It contains the HTTP Modules, WSFederationAuthenticationModule (WSFAM) and SessionAuthenticationModule (SAM), as well as classes that support their operation. WSFAM 會提供 WS-Federation 登入和登出順序處理,而 SAM 會經由維護和處理 cookie 提供工作階段管理。 The WSFAM provides handling for the WS-Federation sign-in and sign-out sequences and the SAM provides session management by maintaining and handling cookies. 此命名空間也包含代表 WS-Federation 訊息 (WSFederationMessage) 的類別,例如登入 (SignInRequestMessageSignInResponseMessage) 和登出訊息 (SignOutRequestMessage),以及包含在物件模型之間進行序列化和還原序列化的序列化程式,還有這些訊息的在線表示法。 The namespace also contains classes that represent WS-Federation messages (WSFederationMessage), such as sign-in (SignInRequestMessage, SignInResponseMessage) and sign-out messages (SignOutRequestMessage), as well as serializers that serialize and deserialize between the object model and the on-the-wire representations of these messages.



非同步作業期間發生錯誤時所擲回的例外狀況。The exception that is thrown when an error occurs during an asynchronous operation.


代表「WS-同盟屬性要求」訊息。Represents a WS-Federation Attribute Request message. 當收到的訊息中的 wa 參數為 "wattr1.0" 時,則會建立這個訊息。This message is created when the wa parameter in the received message is "wattr1.0".


提供 AuthorizationFailed 事件的資料。Provides data for the AuthorizationFailed event.


表將寫入 Cookie 資料的 Cookie 處理常式,使 Cookie 絕不會超過固定大小。Represents a cookie handler that writes cookie data so that cookies never exceed a set size.


代表 <chunkedCookieHandler> 組態項目。Represents the <chunkedCookieHandler> configuration element.


表示 HTTP 模組,可執行宣告型授權。Represents an HTTP module that performs claims-based authorization.


表示權限,會使用ClaimsAuthorizationManager實作來判斷是否應授與使用中的主體資源存取權。Represents a permission that uses a ClaimsAuthorizationManager implementation to determine if access to a resource should be granted to the active principal. 這個類別無法被繼承。This class cannot be inherited.


表示在目前應用程式內容中,用來根據ClaimsAuthorizationManager執行個體提供之邏輯宣告指派存取檢查的安全性屬性。Represents a security attribute used to declaratively assign access checks based on the logic provided by the ClaimsAuthorizationManager instance in the current application context. 這個類別無法被繼承。This class cannot be inherited.


提供抽象基底類別,以在 HTTP 用戶端用來讀取、寫入和刪除工作階段 Cookie。Provides an abstract base class for reading, writing, and deleting session cookies on an HTTP client.


代表 <cookieHandler> 組態項目。Represents the <cookieHandler> configuration element.


提供 SignOutError 事件的資料。Provides data for the SignOutError event.


提供與 web 應用程式中之聯合驗證相關的所有 HTTP 模組狀態的存取。Provides access to state pertinent to all HTTP modules relevant to federated authentication in the web application.


指出登入工作階段應該正在終止,而且目前的要求是未經驗證。Indicates that the sign-in session should being terminated, and the current request is unauthenticated.


封裝通常由被動式同盟安全性權杖服務所執行之作業的公用程式類別。A utility class that encapsulates the operations typically performed by a Federated Passive Security Token Service.


工作階段過期時所擲回的例外狀況。The exception that is thrown when a session has expired.


WS-Federation 支援中所引發之例外狀況的基底類別。Base class for exceptions raised in WS-Federation support.


定義用來建立 Federation 中繼資料文件以及根據 Federation 中繼資料文件更新應用程式組態的靜態方法。Defines static methods for creating Federation Metadata documents and for updating application configuration based on Federation Metadata documents.


定義衍生所有同盟訊息類別的基底類別。Defines the base class from which all federation message classes derive.


基底類別,可於 <> 項目 (SystemIdentityModelServicesSection) 設定的 HTTP 模組由這個基底類別衍生。The base class from which HTTP modules that are configurable with the <> element (SystemIdentityModelServicesSection) derive.


使用 web.config 或 machine.config 組態檔之 <machineKey> 區段中所指定的密碼編譯資料,保護工作階段權杖。Protects session tokens with the cryptographic material specified in the <machineKey> section of the web.config or machine.config configuration file.


代表「WS-同盟 Pseudonym 要求」訊息。Represents a WS-Federation Pseudonym Request message. 當收到的訊息 wa 參數為 "wpseudo1.0" 時,即會建立這個訊息。This message is created when the received message wa parameter is "wpseudo1.0".


提供 RedirectingToIdentityProvider 事件的資料。Provides data for the RedirectingToIdentityProvider event.


提供 SecurityTokenReceived 事件的資料。Provides data for the SecurityTokenReceived event.


提供 SecurityTokenValidated 事件的資料。Provides data for the SecurityTokenValidated event.


表示組態檔中的 <serviceCertificate> 項目。Represents the <serviceCertificate> element in a configuration file.


實作 ASP.NET 模組,它會處理在 WS-Federation 案例中的工作階段 cookie。Implements an ASP.NET module that processes session cookies in WS-Federation scenarios.


提供 SessionSecurityTokenCreated 事件和 SessionSecurityTokenCreated 事件的資料。Provides data for the SessionSecurityTokenCreated event and for the SessionSecurityTokenCreated event.


提供 SessionSecurityTokenReceived 事件的資料。Provides data for the SessionSecurityTokenReceived event.


解決目前快取的工作階段安全性權杖。Resolves session security tokens from the current cache.


提供 SigningOut 事件的資料。Provides data for the SigningOut event.


代表「WS-同盟登入要求」訊息。Represents a WS-Federation Sign-In Request message.


代表「WS-同盟回應要求」訊息。Represents a WS-Federation Sign-In Response message.


代表「WS-同盟登出清除」訊息。Represents a WS-Federation Sign-Out Cleanup message. 當收到的訊息的動作參數 (wa) 是設定為 "wsignoutcleanup1.0" 時,就會建立訊息。The message is created when the received message has the action parameter (wa) set to "wsignoutcleanup1.0".


代表 WS-同盟登出訊息。Represents a WS-Federation sign-out message. 當收到的訊息的動作參數 (wa) 是設定為 "wsignout1.0" 時,則會建立這個訊息。This message is created when the received message has the action parameter (wa) set to "wsignout1.0".


WSFederationAuthenticationModule 是 HTTP 模組,會藉由強制執行連入要求的聯合驗證設定,用來保護 ASP.NET 應用程式。The WSFederationAuthenticationModule is an HTTP module which is used to secure an ASP.NET application by enforcing federated authentication settings on incoming requests. WSFederationAuthenticationModule 是 WIF 現成提供的主要模組,用於處理 ASP.NET 應用程式中的宣告式識別存取。The WSFederationAuthenticationModule is the main module that WIF offers out of the box for handling claims-based identity access in ASP.NET applications.

WSFederationAuthenticationModule會引發數個事件,它可讓 ASP.NET 開發人員變更預設行為,並控制驗證和宣告處理發生方式的詳細資訊。The WSFederationAuthenticationModule raises several events, which allows ASP.NET developers to change the default behavior and control the details of how authentication and claims processing take place. WSFederationAuthenticationModule功能會分為特定工作的方法。The WSFederationAuthenticationModule functionality is divided into task-specific methods.


表示 WS-同盟訊息訊息並定義基底類別,更多特殊的 WS-同盟訊息類別都是從這個基底類別衍生的。Represents a WS-Federation message and defines the base class from which more specialized WS-Federation message classes derive.


在 WS-Federation 訊息序列化 (Serialization) 或還原序列化 (Deserialization) 期間發生錯誤時,所擲回的例外狀況。The exception that is thrown when an error occurs while serializing or deserializing a WS-Federation message.


提供方法來將 WS-Federation 訊息轉換為 WS-Trust 通訊協定特定的 RequestSecurityTokenRequestSecurityTokenResponse 物件。Provides methods to convert a WS-Federation message to RequestSecurityToken and RequestSecurityTokenResponse objects, which are WS-Trust protocol specific.



指定應用程式的類型。Specifies the kind of application.


指定所支援的 cookie 處理常式模式。Specifies the cookie handler modes that are supported.

定義 Mode 屬性的可能值。Defines the possible values of the Mode property. 此屬性會定義 CookieHandlerElement物件所設定的 Cookie 處理常式類型。This property defines the kind of cookie handler that a CookieHandlerElement object configures. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱 CookieHandlerElement 類別。For more information, see the CookieHandlerElement class.