FileSystemInfo.CreationTimeUtc 屬性


取得或設定目前檔案或目錄的建立時間,其格式為國際標準時間 (Coordinated Universal Time,UTC)。Gets or sets the creation time, in coordinated universal time (UTC), of the current file or directory.

 property DateTime CreationTimeUtc { DateTime get(); void set(DateTime value); };
public DateTime CreationTimeUtc { get; set; }
public DateTime CreationTimeUtc { get; set; }
member this.CreationTimeUtc : DateTime with get, set
Public Property CreationTimeUtc As DateTime


目前 FileSystemInfo 物件以 UTC 格式表示的建立日期和時間。The creation date and time in UTC format of the current FileSystemInfo object.



Refresh() 無法初始化資料。Refresh() cannot initialize the data.

指定的路徑無效;例如,位於未對應的磁碟上。The specified path is invalid; for example, it is on an unmapped drive.

目前的作業系統不是 Windows NT 或更新版本。The current operating system is not Windows NT or later.

呼叫端嘗試設定無效的存取時間。The caller attempts to set an invalid access time.



這個方法可能會傳回不正確的值,因為它會使用原生函式,其值可能不會由作業系統持續更新。This method may return an inaccurate value because it uses native functions whose values may not be continuously updated by the operating system.

如果 FileSystemInfo 物件的目前實例是從下列任何一種 DirectoryInfo 方法傳回,則會預先快取 CreationTimeUtc 屬性的值:The value of the CreationTimeUtc property is pre-cached if the current instance of the FileSystemInfo object was returned from any of the following DirectoryInfo methods:

若要取得最新的值,請呼叫 Refresh 方法。To get the latest value, call the Refresh method.

如果 FileSystemInfo 物件中所描述的檔案不存在,此屬性會傳回12:00 年1月 1601 1 日午夜If the file described in the FileSystemInfo object does not exist, this property returns 12:00 midnight, January 1, 1601 A.D. 國際標準時間(UTC)(C.E.) Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

在不支援建立或出生時間的 Unix 平臺上,此屬性會傳回上次狀態變更時間和上次修改時間的較舊版本。On Unix platforms that do not support creation or birth time, this property returns the older of the time of the last status change and the time of the last modification. 在其他平臺上,它會在西元1601年1月1日午夜傳回12:00On other platforms, it returns 12:00 midnight, January 1, 1601 A.D. 西元國際標準時間(UTC),調整為當地時間。(C.E.) Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), adjusted to local time.

NTFS 格式的磁片磁碟機可能會在短時間內快取檔案中繼資訊,例如檔案建立時間。NTFS-formatted drives may cache file meta-info, such as file creation time, for a short period of time. 此程式稱為「檔案通道」。This process is known as file tunneling. 因此,如果您要覆寫或取代現有的檔案,可能需要明確設定檔案的建立時間。As a result, it may be necessary to explicitly set the creation time of a file if you are overwriting or replacing an existing file.