BinaryExpression.IsLiftedToNull 屬性


取得值,這個值指出運算式樹狀節點是否表示對運算子的「消除」** 呼叫,該運算子的傳回型別對可為 Null 的型別已消除。Gets a value that indicates whether the expression tree node represents a lifted call to an operator whose return type is lifted to a nullable type.

 property bool IsLiftedToNull { bool get(); };
public bool IsLiftedToNull { get; }
member this.IsLiftedToNull : bool
Public ReadOnly Property IsLiftedToNull As Boolean



如果運算子的傳回型別對可為 null 的型別消除,則為 true,否則為falsetrue if the operator's return type is lifted to a nullable type; otherwise, false.


如果運算子需要不可為 null 的運算元,但將可為 null 的運算元傳遞給它,則會提升運算子呼叫。An operator call is lifted if the operator expects non-nullable operands but nullable operands are passed to it. 如果的值 IsLiftedToNulltrue ,則運算子會傳回可為 null 的型別,如果可為 null 的運算元評估為 null ,則運算子會傳回 nullIf the value of IsLiftedToNull is true, the operator returns a nullable type, and if a nullable operand evaluates to null, the operator returns null.