MessageQueueTransaction.Finalize 方法


將目前執行個體所持有的資源釋出。Releases the resources held by the current instance.

!MessageQueueTransaction ()
~MessageQueueTransaction ();
override this.Finalize : unit -> unit
Finalize ()


這個方法覆寫 Object.FinalizeThis method overrides Object.Finalize. 應用程式代碼不應該呼叫這個方法。除非已透過Finalize呼叫GC.SuppressFinalize方法來停用垃圾收集行程完成, 否則會在垃圾收集期間自動叫用物件的方法。Application code should not call this method; an object's Finalize method is automatically invoked during garbage collection, unless finalization by the garbage collector has been disabled by a call to the GC.SuppressFinalize method.

如需詳細資訊, 請參閱Finalize 方法和析構函數清除非受控資源和覆寫 Finalize 方法For more information, see Finalize Methods and Destructors, Cleaning Up Unmanaged Resources, and Overriding the Finalize Method.