HttpWebRequest.ContinueDelegate 屬性


取得或設定從網際網路資源接收 HTTP 100-continue 回應時所呼叫的委派 (Delegate) 方法。Gets or sets the delegate method called when an HTTP 100-continue response is received from the Internet resource.

 property System::Net::HttpContinueDelegate ^ ContinueDelegate { System::Net::HttpContinueDelegate ^ get(); void set(System::Net::HttpContinueDelegate ^ value); };
public System.Net.HttpContinueDelegate ContinueDelegate { get; set; }
member this.ContinueDelegate : System.Net.HttpContinueDelegate with get, set
Public Property ContinueDelegate As HttpContinueDelegate



委派,實作從網際網路資源傳回 HTTP Continue 回應時所執行的回呼 (Callback) 方法。A delegate that implements the callback method that executes when an HTTP Continue response is returned from the Internet resource. 預設值是 nullThe default value is null.


ContinueDelegate屬性會指定當用戶端收到 100-Continue 回應時要呼叫的回呼方法。The ContinueDelegate property specifies the callback method to call when the client receives a 100-Continue response.

ContinueDelegate 設定屬性時,每當收到類型為 () 100 的通訊協定回應時,用戶端就會呼叫委派 HttpStatusCode.ContinueWhen the ContinueDelegate property is set, the client calls the delegate whenever protocol responses of type HttpStatusCode.Continue (100) are received. 如果您想要讓用戶端顯示從網際網路資源接收的資料狀態,這會很有用。This is useful if you want the client to display the status of the data being received from the Internet resource.