WebSocketState 列舉


定義 WebSockets 執行個體可以存在的不同狀態。Defines the different states a WebSockets instance can be in.

public enum class WebSocketState
public enum WebSocketState
type WebSocketState = 
Public Enum WebSocketState


Aborted 6

保留供未來使用。Reserved for future use.

Closed 5

表示 WebSocket 關閉交握已順利完成。Indicates the WebSocket close handshake completed gracefully.

CloseReceived 4

關閉訊息已從遠端端點收到。A close message was received from the remote endpoint.

CloseSent 3

關閉訊息已傳送到遠端端點。A close message was sent to the remote endpoint.

Connecting 1

連線正在交涉遠端端點的交握。The connection is negotiating the handshake with the remote endpoint.

None 0

保留供未來使用。Reserved for future use.

Open 2

HTTP 交握已完成之後的初始狀態。The initial state after the HTTP handshake has been completed.