ReflectionTypeLoadException.LoaderExceptions 屬性


取得類別載入器擲回的例外狀況陣列。Gets the array of exceptions thrown by the class loader.

 property cli::array <Exception ^> ^ LoaderExceptions { cli::array <Exception ^> ^ get(); };
public Exception[] LoaderExceptions { get; }
member this.LoaderExceptions : Exception[]
Public ReadOnly Property LoaderExceptions As Exception()


型別 Exception 的陣列,其中包含類別載入器擲回的例外狀況。An array of type Exception containing the exceptions thrown by the class loader. 此執行個體的 Types 陣列中的 null 值隨此陣列中的例外狀況而進入隊伍。The null values in the Types array of this instance line up with the exceptions in this array.


LoaderExceptions 屬性會抓取與 Types 陣列平行 Exception 類型的陣列。The LoaderExceptions property retrieves an array of type Exception that is parallel to the Types array. 每當反映無法載入類別時,這個陣列就會包含 null 值。This array will contain null values whenever reflection cannot load a class.