UCOMITypeLib 介面



此 API 現已淘汰。

請改用 ITypeLibUse ITypeLib instead.

public interface class UCOMITypeLib
[System.Obsolete("Use System.Runtime.InteropServices.ComTypes.ITypeLib instead. http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=14202", false)]
public interface UCOMITypeLib
type UCOMITypeLib = interface
Public Interface UCOMITypeLib


如需 ITypeLib 介面的詳細資訊,請參閱 MSDN Library。For additional information about the ITypeLib interface, see the MSDN Library.


FindName(String, Int32, UCOMITypeInfo[], Int32[], Int16)

尋找型別描述在型別程式庫中的符合項目。Finds occurrences of a type description in a type library.

GetDocumentation(Int32, String, String, Int32, String)

擷取程式庫的文件字串、完整的說明檔名稱和路徑,以及說明檔中程式庫說明主題的主題代碼。Retrieves the library's documentation string, the complete Help file name and path, and the context identifier for the library Help topic in the Help file.


擷取包含程式庫之屬性 (Attribute) 的結構。Retrieves the structure that contains the library's attributes.


讓用戶端編譯器 (Compiler) 繫結至程式庫的型別、變數、常數和全域函式。Enables a client compiler to bind to a library's types, variables, constants, and global functions.

GetTypeInfo(Int32, UCOMITypeInfo)

擷取程式庫中指定的型別描述。Retrieves the specified type description in the library.


傳回型別程式庫中型別描述的數目。Returns the number of type descriptions in the type library.

GetTypeInfoOfGuid(Guid, UCOMITypeInfo)

擷取對應到所指定 GUID 的型別描述。Retrieves the type description that corresponds to the specified GUID.

GetTypeInfoType(Int32, TYPEKIND)

擷取型別描述的型別。Retrieves the type of a type description.

GetTypeInfoType(Int32, TYPEKIND)

擷取型別描述的型別。Retrieves the type of a type description.

IsName(String, Int32)

指示傳入字串是否含有程式庫中所描述型別或成員的名稱。Indicates whether a passed-in string contains the name of a type or member described in the library.


釋放原來從 TYPELIBATTR 取得的 GetLibAttr(IntPtr)Releases the TYPELIBATTR originally obtained from GetLibAttr(IntPtr).