ISoapMessage ISoapMessage ISoapMessage ISoapMessage Interface


提供介面給含有 SOAP RPC (遠端程序呼叫) 序列化 (Serialization) 期間所需參數名稱和型別的物件。Provides an interface for an object that contains the names and types of parameters required during serialization of a SOAP RPC (Remote Procedure Call).

public interface class ISoapMessage
public interface ISoapMessage
type ISoapMessage = interface
Public Interface ISoapMessage


序列化圖形的根支援此介面的物件時,所產生 SOAP 的 RPC 格式。When an object that supports this interface is the root of a serialization graph, SOAP is produced in RPC format. ISoapMessage介面包含方法呼叫的還原序列化期間使用的方法呼叫參數型別。The ISoapMessage interface contains the method call parameter types used during deserialization of a method call.

若要支援 SOAP RPC 呼叫為基礎ISoapMessage介面,而且不會使用IRemotingFormatter功能,設定SoapFormatter.TopObject屬性,以支援此介面的物件。To support SOAP RPC calls that are based on the ISoapMessage interface and do not use the IRemotingFormatter functionality, set the SoapFormatter.TopObject property to an object that supports this interface.


Headers Headers Headers Headers

取得或設定方法呼叫的 Out-Of-Band Data。Gets or sets the out-of-band data of the method call.

MethodName MethodName MethodName MethodName

取得或設定所呼叫方法的名稱。Gets or sets the name of the called method.

ParamNames ParamNames ParamNames ParamNames

取得或設定方法呼叫的參數名稱。Gets or sets the parameter names of the method call.

ParamTypes ParamTypes ParamTypes ParamTypes

取得或設定方法呼叫的參數型別。Gets or sets the parameter types of a method call.

ParamValues ParamValues ParamValues ParamValues

取得或設定方法呼叫的參數值。Gets or sets the parameter values of a method call.

XmlNameSpace XmlNameSpace XmlNameSpace XmlNameSpace

取得或設定 SOAP RPC (遠端程序呼叫) MethodName 項目的 XML 命名空間。Gets or sets the XML namespace of the SOAP RPC (Remote Procedure Call) MethodName element.