AuthorizationRule.PropagationFlags Property


取得傳播旗標的值,該值判斷這個規則的繼承如何傳播到子物件。Gets the value of the propagation flags, which determine how inheritance of this rule is propagated to child objects. 只有當 InheritanceFlags 列舉的值不是 None,這個屬性才是重要的。This property is significant only when the value of the InheritanceFlags enumeration is not None.

 property System::Security::AccessControl::PropagationFlags PropagationFlags { System::Security::AccessControl::PropagationFlags get(); };
public System.Security.AccessControl.PropagationFlags PropagationFlags { get; }
member this.PropagationFlags : System.Security.AccessControl.PropagationFlags
Public ReadOnly Property PropagationFlags As PropagationFlags

Property Value


列舉值的位元組合。A bitwise combination of the enumeration values.

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