ChannelListenerBase.DefaultReceiveTimeout 屬性


取得針對要完成之接收作業所提供的預設時間間隔。Gets the default interval of time provided for a receive operation to complete.

 virtual property TimeSpan DefaultReceiveTimeout { TimeSpan get(); };
protected override TimeSpan DefaultReceiveTimeout { get; }
member this.DefaultReceiveTimeout : TimeSpan
Protected Overrides ReadOnly Property DefaultReceiveTimeout As TimeSpan


指定必須在逾時前完成接收作業之寬限時間的預設 TimeSpanThe default TimeSpan that specifies how long the receive operation has to complete before timing out.


當建立新的 ChannelListenerBase 物件時,會設定這個值。This value is set when creating a new ChannelListenerBase object. 預設的 ChannelListenerBase() 建構函式會將 DefaultReceiveTimeout 屬性設定為 10 分鐘的值。The default ChannelListenerBase() constructor sets the DefaultReceiveTimeout property to a value of 10 minutes. 如果您想要為這個逾時指定另一個值,請使用 ChannelListenerBase(IDefaultCommunicationTimeouts)Use ChannelListenerBase(IDefaultCommunicationTimeouts) if you want to specify another value for this timeout.