ChannelManagerBase.IDefaultCommunicationTimeouts.CloseTimeout 屬性


取得通訊物件叫用之關閉方法逾時前所經過的時間間隔。Gets the interval of time after which the close method, invoked by a communication object, times out.

property TimeSpan System::ServiceModel::IDefaultCommunicationTimeouts::CloseTimeout { TimeSpan get(); };
TimeSpan System.ServiceModel.IDefaultCommunicationTimeouts.CloseTimeout { get; }
 ReadOnly Property CloseTimeout As TimeSpan Implements IDefaultCommunicationTimeouts.CloseTimeout


TimeSpan,其指定在關閉方法逾時之前所等待的時間間隔。The TimeSpan that specifies the interval of time to wait for the close method to time out.



執行時間可能較長的所有作業都必須有逾時值。All operations that are potentially lengthy must have a timeout. 您必須將未採用明確逾時值的方法委派至具有預設逾時值的方法,或是不能以這些方法來執行封鎖的任何工作。Methods that do not take explicit timeouts, must delegate to methods that do with default timeouts or must not do any work that blocks. 逾時值是所要完成之高階作業的寬限時間總量,因此任何重試作業都必須受限於先前所做嘗試尚未用掉的時間。Timeouts are the total limit for high-level operations for which they are to complete, so any retries must be limited to the time not already accessed by earlier tries.