MessageState 列舉


指定訊息的狀態。Specifies the status of a message.

public enum class MessageState
public enum MessageState
type MessageState = 
Public Enum MessageState


Closed 4

此訊息已經關閉,因此無法再存取。The message has been closed and can no longer be accessed.

Copied 3

已經複製此訊息。The message has been copied.

Created 0

已經建立此訊息。The message has been created.

Read 1

此訊息正在讀取中。The message is being read.

Written 2

已經寫入此訊息。The message has been written.


Message 物件的主體為資料流時,只可以將它讀取或寫入一次。As the body of a Message object is a stream, it can only be read or written once. 這可以藉由維護 Message 物件的目前狀態來強制進行。This is enforced by maintaining the current state of the Message object. 當處於已建立狀態時,可以讀取/寫入或複製 Message 物件。A Message object can be read/written/copied when in the Created state. 其他狀態為讀取、寫入和複製,這表示個別的動作已經執行過一次。Other states are Read, Written and Copied, which means that the respective action has been performed already once.