ICommunicationObject.State Property


取得通訊導向物件的目前狀態。Gets the current state of the communication-oriented object.

 property System::ServiceModel::CommunicationState State { System::ServiceModel::CommunicationState get(); };
public System.ServiceModel.CommunicationState State { get; }
member this.State : System.ServiceModel.CommunicationState
Public ReadOnly Property State As CommunicationState

Property Value


物件的 CommunicationState 值。The value of the CommunicationState of the object.


ICommunicationObject 可用的主要通訊狀態為:The main communication states available to an ICommunicationObject are:

在下面三個主要狀態間轉換時,這類物件也可能處於某些過渡狀態:There are also transitory states that such an object can occupy when transitioning between the first three main states:

這個 CommunicationState 會定義系統中所有通訊導向物件的有效狀態,包括通道、接聽程式、通道和接聽程式處理站,以及 ServiceHost 類別。This CommunicationState defines the states that are valid for all communication-oriented objects in the system, including channels, listeners, the channel and listener factories, and the ServiceHost class.

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