ReleaseInstanceMode 列舉


指定系統在作業引動過程處理中回收服務物件的時間。Specifies when the system recycles the service object in the operation invocation process.

public enum class ReleaseInstanceMode
public enum ReleaseInstanceMode
type ReleaseInstanceMode = 
Public Enum ReleaseInstanceMode


AfterCall 2

在完成作業之後回收物件。Recycles the object subsequent to the completion of the operation.

BeforeAndAfterCall 3

在呼叫作業之前以及完成作業之後回收物件。Recycles the object prior to calling the operation and subsequent to the completion of the operation.

BeforeCall 1

在呼叫作業之前回收物件。Recycles the object prior to calling the operation.

None 0

根據 InstanceContextMode 值回收物件。Recycles the object according to the InstanceContextMode value.


下列範例程式碼示範如何使用 ReleaseInstanceMode 在呼叫前後回收服務物件。The following example code shows the use of ReleaseInstanceMode to recycle service objects both before and after a call.

class SampleService : ISampleService
  private Guid id;
  private string session;

  public SampleService()
    id = Guid.NewGuid();
    session = OperationContext.Current.SessionId;
    Console.WriteLine("Object {0} has been created.", id);
    Console.WriteLine("For session {0}", session);
  public string  SampleMethod(string msg)
    Console.WriteLine("The caller said: \"{0}\"", msg);
    Console.WriteLine("For session {0}", OperationContext.Current.SessionId);
    return "The service greets you: " + msg;

    Console.WriteLine("Object {0} has been destroyed.", id);
    Console.WriteLine("For session {0}", session);
Friend Class SampleService
    Implements ISampleService
  Private id As Guid
  Private session As String

  Public Sub New()
    id = Guid.NewGuid()
    session = OperationContext.Current.SessionId
    Console.WriteLine("Object {0} has been created.", id)
    Console.WriteLine("For session {0}", session)
  End Sub
  <OperationBehavior(ReleaseInstanceMode:=ReleaseInstanceMode.BeforeAndAfterCall)> _
  Public Function SampleMethod(ByVal msg As String) As String Implements ISampleService.SampleMethod
    Console.WriteLine("The caller said: ""{0}""", msg)
    Console.WriteLine("For session {0}", OperationContext.Current.SessionId)
    Return "The service greets you: " & msg
  End Function

  Protected Overrides Sub Finalize()
    Console.WriteLine("Object {0} has been destroyed.", id)
    Console.WriteLine("For session {0}", session)
  End Sub
End Class


使用 ReleaseInstanceModeReleaseInstanceMode 屬性來通知 WINDOWS COMMUNICATION FOUNDATION (WCF) 必須在調用程式的特定點回收目前的服務物件。Use the ReleaseInstanceMode with the ReleaseInstanceMode property to inform Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) that the current service object must be recycled at a particular point in the invocation process. 預設行為是根據 InstanceContextMode 值來回收服務物件。The default behavior is to recycle a service object according to the InstanceContextMode value.