SrgsPhoneticAlphabet 列舉


列舉支援的語音字母。Enumerates the supported phonetic alphabets.

public enum class SrgsPhoneticAlphabet
public enum SrgsPhoneticAlphabet
type SrgsPhoneticAlphabet = 
Public Enum SrgsPhoneticAlphabet


Ipa 1

國際音標音素集。International Phonetic Alphabet phoneme set.

Sapi 0

語音應用程式開發介面音素集。Speech API phoneme set.

Ups 2

通用拼音集,這是國際音標音素的 ASCII 編碼方式。Universal Phone Set phoneme set, which is ASCII encoding of phonemes for IPA.


語音字母由電話組成, 其中包含字母、數位或字元, 有時會組合。Phonetic alphabets are composed of phones, which consist of letters, numbers or characters, sometimes in combination. 每個電話都會說明語音的獨特聲音。Each phone describes a unique sound of speech. 這與拉丁字母相較之下, 任何字母可以代表多個說話的聲音。This is in contrast to the Latin alphabet, for which any letter may represent multiple spoken sounds. 請考慮字母 "c" 在「糖果」和「停止」單字中的不同發音, 或在「內容」和「那些」單字中, 字母組合「th」的不同發音。Consider the different pronunciations of the letter "c" in the words "candy" and "cease", or the different pronunciations of the letter combination "th" in the words "thing" and "those".

在 System.object 中, 您可以使用三種語音字母之一來指定自訂發音:國際電話字母 (.IPA)、通用電話集 (UPS) 或 SAPI 電話組。In System.Speech, you can use any of three phonetic alphabets to specify custom pronunciations: International Phone Alphabet (IPA), Universal Phone Set (UPS), or the SAPI phone set. 指定的語音字母會決定要使用哪一個電話組來定義物件的SrgsToken內嵌發音。The specified phonetic alphabet determines which phone set will be used to define inline pronunciations for SrgsToken objects. Pronunciation指定的電話必須符合中PhoneticAlphabet所指定的語音字母。The phones specified in Pronunciation must match the phonetic alphabet specified in PhoneticAlphabet.