SpeechSynthesizer.VisemeReached SpeechSynthesizer.VisemeReached SpeechSynthesizer.VisemeReached SpeechSynthesizer.VisemeReached Event


到達視素 (Viseme) 時引發。Raised when a viseme is reached.

 event EventHandler<System::Speech::Synthesis::VisemeReachedEventArgs ^> ^ VisemeReached;
public event EventHandler<System.Speech.Synthesis.VisemeReachedEventArgs> VisemeReached;
member this.VisemeReached : EventHandler<System.Speech.Synthesis.VisemeReachedEventArgs> 
Public Custom Event VisemeReached As EventHandler(Of VisemeReachedEventArgs) 


Viseme 是 pronouncing 音素時, 嘴和臉部的基本位置。A viseme is the basic position of the mouth and face when pronouncing a phoneme. Visemes 是音素的視覺標記法。Visemes are visual representations of phonemes.

Visemes 支援 US 英文21個, 每個都對應到一個或多個音素。System.Speech supports 21 visemes for US English, each of which corresponds to one or more phonemes. VisemeReached當新的音素與先前的音素已達到不同的對應 viseme 時, 就會引發事件。VisemeReached events are raised when a new phoneme reached has a different corresponding viseme than the previous phoneme reached. 由於某些 visemes 代表一個以上的音素, 因此VisemeReached , 如果下一個音素對應到與前一個音素相同的 viseme, 就不會產生事件。Since some visemes represent more than one phoneme, a VisemeReached event is not generated if the next phoneme reached corresponds to the same viseme as the previous phoneme. 例如, 對於說「此區域」的單字, PhonemeReached會針對 "this" 中的 "s" 和 "zone" 中的 "z" 引發事件。For example, for the spoken words "this zone", a PhonemeReached event is raised for the "s" in "this" and the "z" in "zone". 不過, 「 VisemeReached區域」中的 "z" 不會引發事件, 因為它對應至與 "this" 中 "s" 相同的 viseme。However, a VisemeReached event is not raised for the "z" in "zone" because it corresponds to the same viseme as the "s" in "this".

下列清單列出與 US 英文中的 viseme 對應的21個 SAPI 音素和音素群組。The following is a list of the 21 SAPI phonemes and phoneme groups that correspond to a viseme in US English.

VisemeViseme 音素 (秒)Phoneme(s)
00 silence
11 ae、ax、ahae, ax, ah
22 aaaa
33 aoao
44 安永, eh, 啊ey, eh, uh
55 erer
66 y、iy、ih、ixy, iy, ih, ix
77 w、uww, uw
88 允許ow
99 awaw
1010 oyoy
1111 ayay
1212 hh
1313 rr
1414 ll
1515 s, zs, z
1616 sh、ch、jh、zhsh, ch, jh, zh
1717 第個, dhth, dh
1818 f、vf, v
1919 d、t、nd, t, n
2020 k、g、ngk, g, ng
2121 p、b、mp, b, m

如需與VisemeReached事件相關聯之資料的詳細VisemeReachedEventArgs資訊, 請參閱。For information about data associated with the VisemeReached event, see VisemeReachedEventArgs.