RegexMatchTimeoutException.Input 屬性


取得當發生逾時,規則運算式引擎所處理的輸入文字。Gets the input text that the regular expression engine was processing when the time-out occurred.

 property System::String ^ Input { System::String ^ get(); };
public string Input { get; }
member this.Input : string
Public ReadOnly Property Input As String


規則運算式輸入文字。The regular expression input text.


這個屬性會反映此regexInput RegexMatchTimeoutException(String, String, TimeSpan)函數的參數值。This property reflects the value of the regexInput parameter of the RegexMatchTimeoutException(String, String, TimeSpan) constructor. 如果此參數未在函式呼叫中明確初始化, 其值為String.EmptyIf this parameter is not explicitly initialized in a constructor call, its value is String.Empty.

當正則運算式引擎擲回例外狀況時, Input屬性的值會反映傳遞至正則運算式引擎的整個輸入字串。When the exception is thrown by the regular expression engine, the value of the Input property reflects the entire input string passed to the regular expression engine. 它不會反映部分字串, 例如引擎在呼叫中搜尋的子字串 (例如) Regex.Match(String, Int32)It does not reflect a partial string, such as the substring that the engine searches in the call to a method such as Regex.Match(String, Int32).