RegexMatchTimeoutException.MatchTimeout 屬性


取得規則運算式比對的逾時間隔。Gets the time-out interval for a regular expression match.

 property TimeSpan MatchTimeout { TimeSpan get(); };
public TimeSpan MatchTimeout { get; }
member this.MatchTimeout : TimeSpan
Public ReadOnly Property MatchTimeout As TimeSpan


逾時間隔。The time-out interval.


這個屬性會反映此matchTimeout RegexMatchTimeoutException(String, String, TimeSpan)函數的參數值。This property reflects the value of the matchTimeout parameter of the RegexMatchTimeoutException(String, String, TimeSpan) constructor. 如果未在函式呼叫中正確初始化參數, 其值為Timespan.FromTicks(-1)If the parameter is not properly initialized in a constructor call, its value is Timespan.FromTicks(-1).

這個屬性的值會反映在對此Regex函式或靜態方法的呼叫中設定的逾時間隔。The value of this property reflects the time-out interval set in the call to the Regex constructor or static method. 它不會反映從方法呼叫開始到擲回例外狀況時所經過的確切間隔。It does not reflect the exact interval that has elapsed from the beginning of the method call to the time the exception is thrown.