Type.IsConstructedGenericType Type.IsConstructedGenericType Type.IsConstructedGenericType Type.IsConstructedGenericType Property


取得值,指出這個物件是否表示建構的泛型類型。Gets a value that indicates whether this object represents a constructed generic type. 您可以建立已建構之泛型類型的執行個體。You can create instances of a constructed generic type.

 virtual property bool IsConstructedGenericType { bool get(); };
public virtual bool IsConstructedGenericType { get; }
member this.IsConstructedGenericType : bool
Public Overridable ReadOnly Property IsConstructedGenericType As Boolean


如果這個物件代表建構的泛型類型,則為 true,否則為 falsetrue if this object represents a constructed generic type; otherwise, false.


建構的泛型類型已明確提供給所有的泛型類型參數的類型。A constructed generic type has had explicit types supplied for all of its generic type parameters. 它也稱為封閉式的泛型型別。It is also referred to as a closed generic type.

當這個屬性是true,您可以建立目前類型的執行個體; 時false,您不能。When this property is true, you can create instances of the current type; when it is false, you can't.