Type.IsSpecialName Property


取得值,表示類型是否具有需要特殊處理的名稱。Gets a value indicating whether the type has a name that requires special handling.

 property bool IsSpecialName { bool get(); };
public bool IsSpecialName { get; }
member this.IsSpecialName : bool
Public ReadOnly Property IsSpecialName As Boolean

Property Value


如果類型具有需要特殊處理的名稱,則為true ,否則為 falsetrue if the type has a name that requires special handling; otherwise, false.



開頭為或包含底線字元()、屬性存取子和運算子多載方法的名稱,都是某些編譯器可能需要特殊處理的類型範例。Names that begin with or contain an underscore character (), property accessors, and operator overloading methods are examples of types that might require special treatment by some compilers.

如果目前的 Type 代表結構化的泛型型別,這個屬性會套用至用來建立類型的泛型型別定義。If the current Type represents a constructed generic type, this property applies to the generic type definition from which the type was constructed. 例如,如果目前的 Type 表示 Visual Basic 中的 MyGenericType<int>MyGenericType(Of Integer)),則這個屬性的值是由 MyGenericType<T>所決定。For example, if the current Type represents MyGenericType<int> (MyGenericType(Of Integer) in Visual Basic), the value of this property is determined by MyGenericType<T>.

如果目前 Type 表示泛型型別或泛型方法定義中的類型參數,則這個屬性一律會傳回 falseIf the current Type represents a type parameter in the definition of a generic type or generic method, this property always returns false.

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