ApplicationShutdownReason 列舉


指定 AppDomain 類別關閉的原因。Specifies why the AppDomain class shut down.

public enum class ApplicationShutdownReason
public enum ApplicationShutdownReason
type ApplicationShutdownReason = 
Public Enum ApplicationShutdownReason


BinDirChangeOrDirectoryRename 6

Bin 資料夾或其中的檔案已經有所變更。A change was made to the Bin folder or to files in it.

BrowsersDirChangeOrDirectoryRename 7

App_Browsers 資料夾或其中的檔案已經有所變更。A change was made to the App_Browsers folder or to files in it.

BuildManagerChange 15

編譯系統關閉了應用程式網域。The compilation system shut the application domain. BuildManagerChange 成員是於 .NET Framework 3.5 版中引入。The BuildManagerChange member is introduced in the .NET Framework version 3.5. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱 .NET Framework 版本和相依性For more information, see .NET Framework Versions and Dependencies.

ChangeInGlobalAsax 2

Global.asax 檔案已經有所變更。A change was made to the Global.asax file.

ChangeInSecurityPolicyFile 5

程式碼存取安全性原則檔已經有所變更。A change was made in the code access security policy file.

CodeDirChangeOrDirectoryRename 8

App_Code 資料夾或其中的檔案已經有所變更。A change was made to the App_Code folder or to files in it.

ConfigurationChange 3

應用程式層級組態檔已經有所變更。A change was made to the application-level configuration file.

HostingEnvironment 1

裝載環境關閉了應用程式網域。The hosting environment shut down the application domain.

HttpRuntimeClose 12

已呼叫 Close()A call was made to Close().

IdleTimeout 10

已達到閒置時間上限。The maximum idle time limit was reached.

InitializationError 13

發生了 AppDomain 初始化錯誤。An AppDomain initialization error occurred.

MaxRecompilationsReached 14

已達到資源動態重新編譯數目上限。The maximum number of dynamic recompiles of resources was reached.

None 0

未提供關閉原因。No shutdown reason was provided.

PhysicalApplicationPathChanged 11

應用程式實體路徑已經有所變更。A change was made to the physical path of the application.

ResourcesDirChangeOrDirectoryRename 9

App_GlobalResources 資料夾或其中的檔案已經有所變更。A change was made to the App_GlobalResources folder or to files in it.

UnloadAppDomainCalled 4

已呼叫 UnloadAppDomain()A call was made to UnloadAppDomain().


ApplicationShutdownReason 代表 HostingEnvironment 類別之 ShutdownReason 屬性的可能值。The ApplicationShutdownReason represents the possible values for the ShutdownReason property of the HostingEnvironment class.