DynamicDataSourceOperation DynamicDataSourceOperation DynamicDataSourceOperation DynamicDataSourceOperation Enum


說明資料來源物件正在執行的作業類型。Describes the type of operation that is being performed by the data source object.

public enum class DynamicDataSourceOperation
public enum DynamicDataSourceOperation
type DynamicDataSourceOperation = 
Public Enum DynamicDataSourceOperation


ContextCreate ContextCreate ContextCreate ContextCreate 4

資料來源物件正在建立資料內容物件。The data source object is creating the data context object.

Delete Delete Delete Delete 0

資料來源物件正在執行刪除作業。The data source object is performing a delete operation.

Insert Insert Insert Insert 1

資料來源物件正在執行插入作業。The data source object is performing an insert operation.

Select Select Select Select 2

資料來源物件正在執行選取作業。The data source object is performing a select operation.

Update Update Update Update 3

資料來源物件正在執行更新作業。The data source object is performing an update operation.