HttpContext.Application 屬性


取得目前 HTTP 要求的 HttpApplicationState 物件。Gets the HttpApplicationState object for the current HTTP request.

 property System::Web::HttpApplicationState ^ Application { System::Web::HttpApplicationState ^ get(); };
public System.Web.HttpApplicationState Application { get; }
member this.Application : System.Web.HttpApplicationState
Public ReadOnly Property Application As HttpApplicationState


目前 HTTP 要求的 HttpApplicationStateThe HttpApplicationState for the current HTTP request.

若要取得目前 HTTP 要求的 HttpApplication 物件,請使用 ApplicationInstanceTo get the HttpApplication object for the current HTTP request, use ApplicationInstance. (ASP.NET 會使用 ApplicationInstance 而不是 Application 做為屬性名稱來參考目前的 HttpApplication 執行個體,以避免 ASP.NET 與傳統 ASP 混淆。(ASP.NET uses ApplicationInstance instead of Application as a property name to refer to the current HttpApplication instance in order to avoid confusion between ASP.NET and classic ASP. 在傳統 ASP 中,Application 會參考全域應用程式狀態字典)。In classic ASP, Application refers to the global application state dictionary.)