HttpResponse.TrySkipIisCustomErrors 屬性


取得或設定值,這個值會指定是否停用 IIS 7.0IIS 7.0 自訂錯誤。Gets or sets a value that specifies whether IIS 7.0IIS 7.0 custom errors are disabled.

 property bool TrySkipIisCustomErrors { bool get(); void set(bool value); };
public bool TrySkipIisCustomErrors { get; set; }
member this.TrySkipIisCustomErrors : bool with get, set
Public Property TrySkipIisCustomErrors As Boolean


true 表示停用 IIS 自訂錯誤,否則為 falsetrue to disable IIS custom errors; otherwise, false.


只有TrySkipIisCustomErrors在您的應用程式裝載于 IIS 7.0 和更新版本時,才會使用屬性。The TrySkipIisCustomErrors property is used only when your application is hosted in IIS 7.0 and later. 在傳統模式中執行時, TrySkipIisCustomErrors屬性的預設值true為。When running in Classic mode, the TrySkipIisCustomErrors property default value is true. 在整合模式中執行時, TrySkipIisCustomErrors屬性的預設值false為。When running in Integrated mode, the TrySkipIisCustomErrors property default value is false.