IHttpAsyncHandler Interface


定義 HTTP 非同步處理常式物件必須實作的合約。Defines the contract that HTTP asynchronous handler objects must implement.

public interface class IHttpAsyncHandler : System::Web::IHttpHandler
public interface IHttpAsyncHandler : System.Web.IHttpHandler
type IHttpAsyncHandler = interface
    interface IHttpHandler
Public Interface IHttpAsyncHandler
Implements IHttpHandler


在[httpHandlers設定] 區段中,類別可以與副檔名或特定URL建立關聯。IHttpAsyncHandlerAn IHttpAsyncHandler class can be associated with a file name extension or a particular URL by a configuration file, in the httpHandlers configuration section. 然後, ASP.NET 基礎結構會在收到對應的要求時, 具現化並呼叫處理常式。The ASP.NET infrastructure will then instantiate and call the handler when the corresponding request is received. 或者, 您也可以在 ashx 檔案中定義處理常式, 並在收到 ashx 檔案的對應要求時, 將會執行處理常式。Alternatively, the handler can be defined in an .ashx file and when the corresponding request is received for the .ashx file the handler will be executed.



取得值,指出另一個要求是否可以使用 IHttpHandler 執行個體。Gets a value indicating whether another request can use the IHttpHandler instance.

(Inherited from IHttpHandler)


BeginProcessRequest(HttpContext, AsyncCallback, Object)

啟始對 HTTP 處理常式的非同步呼叫 (Asynchronous Call)。Initiates an asynchronous call to the HTTP handler.


處理序結束時,提供非同步處理序 End 方法。Provides an asynchronous process End method when the process ends.


以實作 IHttpHandler 介面的自訂 HttpHandler 來啟用 HTTP Web 要求的處理。Enables processing of HTTP Web requests by a custom HttpHandler that implements the IHttpHandler interface.

(Inherited from IHttpHandler)

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