ProcessShutdownReason 列舉


提供列舉值,以指示為什麼處理序 (Process) 已經關閉。Provides enumerated values that indicate why a process has shut down.

public enum class ProcessShutdownReason
public enum ProcessShutdownReason
type ProcessShutdownReason = 
Public Enum ProcessShutdownReason


DeadlockSuspected 8

指示疑有死結 (Deadlock) 發生,因為回應的時間限制已經超過而佇列中尚有要求。Indicates that a deadlock was suspected because the response time limit was exceeded with requests in the queue.

IdleTimeout 5

指示處理序超過允許的閒置 (Idle) 時間。Indicates that the process exceeded the allowable idle time.

MemoryLimitExceeded 6

指示處理序超過每個處理序的記憶體限制。Indicates that the process exceeded the per-process memory limit.

None 0

指示處理序尚未關閉。Indicates that the process has not shut down.

PingFailed 7

指示背景工作處理序對網際網路資訊服務 (IIS) 處理序的 Ping 沒有回應。Indicates that the worker process did not respond to a ping from the Internet Information Services (IIS) process.

RequestQueueLimit 3

指示指派給處理序的要求超過佇列中容許的數目。Indicates that requests assigned to the process exceeded the allowable number in the queue.

RequestsLimit 2

指示處理序所執行的要求超過容許限制。Indicates that requests executed by the process exceeded the allowable limit.

Timeout 4

指示處理序已重新啟動,因為它存留的時間比允許的時間還要久。Indicates that the process restarted because it was active longer than allowed.

Unexpected 1

指示處理序意外地關閉。Indicates that the process shut down unexpectedly.