ReadEntityBodyMode 列舉


指定常數,表示 HTTP 要求實體主體的讀取方式。Specifies constants that indicate how the entity body of an HTTP request has been read.

public enum class ReadEntityBodyMode
public enum ReadEntityBodyMode
type ReadEntityBodyMode = 
Public Enum ReadEntityBodyMode


Buffered 3

實體本文已讀入Stream物件(藉由使用GetBufferedInputStream()方法)。The entity body has been read into a Stream object by using the GetBufferedInputStream() method.

Bufferless 2

實體本文已讀入Stream物件(藉由使用GetBufferlessInputStream()方法)。The entity body has been read into a Stream object by using the GetBufferlessInputStream() method.

Classic 1

已讀取實體本文,而它的內容也放入到 HTTP 要求集合,例如FormFilesInputStream以及BinaryRead(Int32)The entity body has already been read and its contents have been put into HTTP request collections like Form, Files, InputStream, and BinaryRead(Int32).

傳統模式只有在當已發生 ASP.NET 管線處理時才適用。Classic mode applies when ASP.NET pipeline processing has already occurred. 例如,執行 ASP.NET 頁面或存取其中一個 HTTP 要求集合中的屬性會導致讀取實體本文,而且實體本文內容接著會被放到適當的集合中。For example, running an ASP.NET page or accessing a property in one of the HTTP request collections causes the entity body to be read, and the entity body contents are then put into the appropriate collection.

None 0

實體本文未讀取。The entity body has not been read.