Control.ResolveAdapter 方法


取得負責呈現指定之控制項的控制項配置器。Gets the control adapter responsible for rendering the specified control.

 virtual System::Web::UI::Adapters::ControlAdapter ^ ResolveAdapter();
protected virtual System.Web.UI.Adapters.ControlAdapter ResolveAdapter ();
abstract member ResolveAdapter : unit -> System.Web.UI.Adapters.ControlAdapter
override this.ResolveAdapter : unit -> System.Web.UI.Adapters.ControlAdapter
Protected Overridable Function ResolveAdapter () As ControlAdapter


負責呈現控制項的 ControlAdapterA ControlAdapter that will render the control.


可以從 Web 要求網頁的各種裝置上,都能看到 ASP.NET 的網頁。ASP.NET Web pages are viewable across a wide range of devices that are capable of requesting pages from the Web. ResolveAdapter 方法會傳回控制介面卡,負責在要求 ASP.NET 網頁的特定瀏覽器或裝置上呈現控制項。The ResolveAdapter method returns the control adapter responsible for rendering the control on the specific browser or device that requested the ASP.NET page.

傳回的特定介面卡類型,取決於所呈現之 Control 類別的子代類型。The specific adapter type returned depends on the descendent type of the Control class that is being rendered.

如需介面卡的詳細資訊,請參閱適應性控制項行為的架構總覽For more information about adapters, see Architectural Overview of Adaptive Control Behavior.