HtmlTextWriter.BeginRender HtmlTextWriter.BeginRender HtmlTextWriter.BeginRender HtmlTextWriter.BeginRender Method


將即將要呈現控制項的訊息告知 HtmlTextWriter 物件或衍生類別的物件。Notifies an HtmlTextWriter object, or an object of a derived class, that a control is about to be rendered.

 virtual void BeginRender();
public virtual void BeginRender ();
abstract member BeginRender : unit -> unit
override this.BeginRender : unit -> unit
Public Overridable Sub BeginRender ()


BeginRender方法的類別實沒有任何功能。 HtmlTextWriterThe HtmlTextWriter class implementation of the BeginRender method has no functionality. 您必須覆寫BeginRender衍生自之HtmlTextWriter類別中的方法,以提供您自己的轉譯功能。You must override the BeginRender method in a class derived from HtmlTextWriter to provide your own rendering functionality. 例如,在可能需要<p>在控制項之前立即轉譯元素的標記語言中,但專案的需求<p>是稍早決定的,您可以使用BeginRender覆寫。For example, in a markup language that might require <p> elements to be rendered immediately ahead of a control, but where the need for the <p> element is determined earlier, you could use the BeginRender override.