HtmlTextWriter.EndRender HtmlTextWriter.EndRender HtmlTextWriter.EndRender HtmlTextWriter.EndRender Method


將控制項已完成呈現的訊息告知 HtmlTextWriter 物件或衍生類別的物件。Notifies an HtmlTextWriter object, or an object of a derived class, that a control has finished rendering. 您可以使用此方法來關閉在 BeginRender() 方法中所開啟的任何標記項目。You can use this method to close any markup elements opened in the BeginRender() method.

 virtual void EndRender();
public virtual void EndRender ();
abstract member EndRender : unit -> unit
override this.EndRender : unit -> unit
Public Overridable Sub EndRender ()


EndRender方法的類別實沒有任何功能。 HtmlTextWriterThe HtmlTextWriter class implementation of the EndRender method has no functionality. 您必須在EndRender衍生自類別的HtmlTextWriter類別中覆寫,才能提供您自己的轉譯功能。You must override EndRender in a class derived from the HtmlTextWriter class to provide your own rendering functionality.

您可以使用EndRender方法來關閉在方法中開啟的BeginRender任何標記專案。You can use the EndRender method to close any markup elements opened in the BeginRender method.