Page.AsyncMode Page.AsyncMode Page.AsyncMode Page.AsyncMode Property


設定數值,表示同步或非同步處理頁面。Sets a value indicating whether the page is processed synchronously or asynchronously.

 property bool AsyncMode { bool get(); void set(bool value); };
protected bool AsyncMode { get; set; }
member this.AsyncMode : bool with get, set
Protected Property AsyncMode As Boolean


如果是非同步處理頁面,則為 true,否則為 falsetrue if the page is processed asynchronously; otherwise, false.


當產生頁面的程式碼Page時, 剖析器會設定屬性。AsyncModeThe AsyncMode property is set by the Page parser when code for the page is generated. 使用Async @ Page指示詞中的屬性來設定此值。Use the Async attribute in @ Page directive to set this value.

AspCompat當屬性設定為Transaction , trueDisabled屬性設定為@ Page指示詞以外的值時, 非同步頁面就無法使用。Asynchronous pages do not work when the AspCompat attribute is set to true or the Transaction attribute is set to a value other than Disabled in the @ Page directive.