StateBag.Keys 屬性


取得表示 StateBag 物件中項目的索引鍵集合。Gets a collection of keys representing the items in the StateBag object.

 property System::Collections::ICollection ^ Keys { System::Collections::ICollection ^ get(); };
public System.Collections.ICollection Keys { get; }
member this.Keys : System.Collections.ICollection
Public ReadOnly Property Keys As ICollection


索引鍵的集合。The collection of keys.



下列程式碼範例將示範如何使用 Keys 屬性。The following code example demonstrates using the Keys property.

private string GetMruList(string selectedValue) {
   StateBag state = ViewState;
   if (state.Count > 0) {
      int upperBound = state.Count;
      string[] keys = new string[upperBound];
      StateItem[] values = new StateItem[upperBound];
      state.Keys.CopyTo(keys, 0);
      state.Values.CopyTo(values, 0);
      StringBuilder options = new StringBuilder();
      for(int i = 0; i < upperBound; i++) {
         options.AppendFormat("<option {0} value={1}>{2}", (selectedValue == keys[i])?"selected":"", keys[i], values[i].Value);
      return options.ToString();
   return "";
Private Function GetMruList(selectedValue As String) As String
   Dim state As StateBag = ViewState
   If state.Count > 0 Then
      Dim upperBound As Integer = state.Count
      Dim keys(upperBound) As String
      Dim values(upperBound) As StateItem
      state.Keys.CopyTo(keys, 0)
      state.Values.CopyTo(values, 0)
      Dim options As New StringBuilder()
      Dim i As Integer
      For i = 0 To upperBound - 1
         options.AppendFormat("<option {0} value={1}>{2}",IIf(selectedValue = keys(i), "selected", ""), keys(i), values(i).Value) 
      Next i
      Return options.ToString()
   End If
   Return ""
End Function 'GetMruList


這些索引鍵是控制項屬性的名稱。These keys are the names of the control properties. 例如,如果您在自訂的 Table 控制項上建立 BGColor 屬性,則會在這個集合中建立 BGColor 專案,代表您 Table 控制項上的該屬性。For example, if you created a BGColor property on a Table control that you customized, a BGColor entry is created in this collection representing that property on your Table control.

這些索引鍵會對應至目前頁面或伺服器控制項之 StateBag 集合中所儲存 StateItem 物件的名稱。These keys correspond to the names of the StateItem objects stored in the StateBag collection for the current page or server control.

您可以使用 StateBag.GetEnumerator 方法,逐一查看這個集合。You can iterate over this collection using the StateBag.GetEnumerator method.