StateManagedCollection.IStateManager.TrackViewState 方法


使得 StateManagedCollection 集合和每個內含 IStateManager 物件追蹤其檢視狀態的變更,以便跨相同頁面要求保存這些變更。Causes the StateManagedCollection collection and each of the IStateManager objects it contains to track changes to their view state so they can be persisted across requests for the same page.

 virtual void System.Web.UI.IStateManager.TrackViewState() = System::Web::UI::IStateManager::TrackViewState;
void IStateManager.TrackViewState ();
abstract member System.Web.UI.IStateManager.TrackViewState : unit -> unit
override this.System.Web.UI.IStateManager.TrackViewState : unit -> unit
Sub TrackViewState () Implements IStateManager.TrackViewState



檢視狀態是伺服器控制項屬性值的累積。View state is the accumulation of the values of a server control's properties. 這些值會自動放在伺服器控制項的 ViewState 屬性中,也就是類別的實例 StateBagThese values are automatically placed in the server control's ViewState property, which is an instance of the StateBag class. 然後,這個屬性的值會在伺服器控制項生命週期的儲存狀態階段之後保存到字串物件。This property's value is then persisted to a string object after the save state stage of the server control life cycle. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱 ASP.NET Web 服務器控制項For more information, see ASP.NET Web Server Controls.