UpdateProgress.AssociatedUpdatePanelID UpdateProgress.AssociatedUpdatePanelID UpdateProgress.AssociatedUpdatePanelID UpdateProgress.AssociatedUpdatePanelID Property


取得或設定 UpdatePanel 控制項顯示其狀態之 UpdateProgress 控制項的 ID。Gets or sets the ID of the UpdatePanel control that the UpdateProgress control displays status for.

 property System::String ^ AssociatedUpdatePanelID { System::String ^ get(); void set(System::String ^ value); };
public string AssociatedUpdatePanelID { get; set; }
member this.AssociatedUpdatePanelID : string with get, set
Public Property AssociatedUpdatePanelID As String


關聯 UpdatePanel 控制項的 ID。The ID of the associated UpdatePanel control. 預設值為空字串。The default value is an empty string.


預設值為空字串,表示UpdateProgress控制項未與特定UpdatePanel控制項相關聯。The default value is an empty string, which means that the UpdateProgress control is not associated with a specific UpdatePanel control. 因此,源自UpdatePanel于面板觸發程式之控制項或回傳中的非同步回傳, UpdateProgress會使控制項顯示其ProgressTemplate內容。Therefore, asynchronous postbacks that originate from inside any UpdatePanel control or postbacks from controls that are triggers for the panel cause the UpdateProgress control to display its ProgressTemplate content.

您可以在相同AssociatedUpdatePanelID的命名容器、父命名容器或頁面中,將屬性設定為控制項。You can set the AssociatedUpdatePanelID property to controls in the same naming container, in a parent naming container, or in the page.